WHY DIAL 10-10-321?
Great rates around the world!
10-10-321 is easy to use!
You don't have to switch phone companies.
You don't have to sign up.
No monthly plan fees.
No minimums, no per call connection fees.
For U.S. calls, visit Domestic Rates Page
For global calls, visit International Rates Page

Just dial 10-10-321 + 1 + area code + number. You can use it on your next call!

Our 10-10 access numbers are not available in all areas and may be changed or removed in the regular course of maintaining or retiring our network facilities.
You may therefore hear a message that your call cannot be completed when dialing a 1010 number in your area.
You may still access and place calls over our network by selecting Verizon (MCI) as the preferred carrier for your lines or you may explore other calling options and plans at www.mci.com.

Rates exclude Federal Universal Service Fee.
We take your Privacy seriously.

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